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Deputy Sheriff Brandin Sullivan

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Deputy Sheriff Brandin Sullivan has been assigned to the Patrol Division of the Levy County Sheriff’s Office since 2013.

In 2014, Deputy Sullivan completed all the training requirements of the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Program. He volunteered for this extra 200 hours of training and passed the necessary examinations. Deputy Sullivan became one of only 240 DRE’s in the State of Florida and is the first Levy County Deputy to ever obtain this designation.

Through his training, Deputy Sullivan is able to identify impaired drivers and then determine the cause of the impairment. Deputy Sullivan has used this training to consistently lead the Agency in the number of DUI arrests made. Deputy Sullivan has been commended numerous times for his proactivity and setting the example in patrol work.

Deputy Sullivan has also obtained both his Law Enforcement and DUI Instructor Certifications. He now provides in-service training on DUI and other traffic enforcement topics to his fellow deputies.

Finally, Deputy Sullivan is a valued Field Training Deputy because brings great dedication and professionalism to his job.

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