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Detective Duffy (now Sergeant Duffy) with her new K-9 partner, Boomer.

Detective Duffy (now Sergeant Duffy) with her new K-9 partner, Boomer.

Detective Ellen Duffy has worked many of the more complex cases handled by the Criminal Investigations Division of the University of Florida Police Department. Two cases in particular best demonstrate her determination to find those responsible and hold them accountable. The first such case involved an armed robbery incident that occurred at the Graham Oasis, a UF Campus student dining facility. Through the course of the investigation, Detective Duffy was able to determine that the facts given by the victim of this incident did not support the actions which allegedly occurred. In fact, further investigation by Detective Duffy revealed that the victim was the actual suspect in this incident. Detective Duffy was able to discover the truth and obtain a confession from the individual where he ultimately admitted that he staged the robbery with the aid of his girlfriend.

The second case was an incident where a UF professor was reportedly video recording a student without her permission. Detective Duffy’s investigation led to the development of the probable cause that was necessary to obtain a search warrant for the professor’s office. As a result of that warrant and the evidence obtained, Detective Duffy was able to affect the arrest of the suspect. This case was very high profile and resulted in substantial media interest at the local, state, national, and international levels.

These are just two examples of the dedication and professionalism the demonstrated Detective Duffy’s exemplary performance this past year. Her efforts throughout the year are a credit to her, the University of Florida Police Department, and the University of Florida.