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James Williams IV

James Williams IV

In December, 2013 Ocala Fire Rescue employee James Williams IV (Jim) participated in the Spacecoast Marathon held in Cocoa Beach, Florida. This event is a 26. 2 mile run and one of many endurance events Jim trains for and participates in annually.

During the event at approximately mile 24, Jim came across an elderly woman who had attempted to complete a shorter distance offered during the race weekend. The woman was on the ground, incoherent and in distress medically.

Without hesitation Jim stopped his race and started to render medical care to the woman. No one on the race course had a telephone to activate 911; therefore, Jim made sure the woman was taken care of as he located an on-duty police officer who was able to contact the local Fire Department via portable radio. Jim stayed with the woman until he was able to transfer medical care to the paramedics from the local fire department who responded from off site.

Jim’s character traits of attentiveness, benevolence and selflessness are what made this story a success as the woman had no long term complications due to her medical condition during the race. Once Jim was able to transfer patient care to the proper personnel he continued on and finished the race.

Ocala Fire Rescue is proud of Jim for his service to others not only in our community, but wherever he may be.