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Dunnellon PD Officer of the Year 2013

Dunnellon PD Officer of the Year 2013

Officer Adam Robinson has been with the Dunnellon Police Department since 2012 and in 2013, he was assigned to the Traffic and Marine Units. Officer Robinson is very proactive with traffic enforcement and has made of 90 arrests and countless traffic contacts. He has taken an aggressive stance in DUI enforcement, making more than 10 DUI arrests in the last three months of 2013. While working on the Marine Unit, Officer Robinson enforces all water violations and educates the public on safety equipment for boats, canoes, and floats.

In November 2013, there was an incident involving a suicidal subject who was armed with a handgun and a shotgun threatening to kill himself. Officer Robinson, using good communication skills and training, established a rapport with the subject. For over 90 minutes, Officer Robinson talked to the subject, created a relationship and built trust. Officer Robinson was able to convince him to disable his weapons , safely subdue the subject, and take him into custody without further incident. The subject was able to get the help he needed because of Officer Robinson’s bravery, patience, communication skills and training. After receiving the needed assistance, the subject stopped by the police department to thank Officer Robinson for everything he did and acknowledged how he had appreciated Officer Robinson’s patience and understanding.

Officer Adam Robinson is an outstanding officer who always goes above and beyond, both on and off duty.