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Officer Brandon Young

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The City of Alachua Police Department nominates Officer Brandon Young for WSKY’s 2015 Valor recognition. Officer Young has been with the department since 2011. He is very compassionate about the law enforcement profession, and shares his enthusiasm to youth of the community by serving as mentor for the City of Alachua Police Explorer program. During his tenure with the department, he has received numerous commendations – most recently, he was recognized by the City of Alachua Commission for his life saving efforts in responding to a medical emergency call, where he began resuscitation with use of his department-issued AED until medical response units arrived. He was also recognized by the Alachua Chamber of Commerce as the 2015 Police Officer of the Year recipient.

Officer Young’s passion for his profession is evident in his worth ethic, he is a team player and typically the first to volunteer for any opportunity that broadens his horizons as a law enforcement officer. These are but a few of the reasons APD believes Officer Young is worthy of the WSKY 2015 Valor recognition; he is a valued member of the team, and they look forward to many more years of service with him.

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