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Officer Ethan Presnell

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Officer Presnell has been with the High Springs Police Department for approximately four years and is currently assigned as the Narcotics K-9 Officer within the Uniformed Patrol Division on the Alpha Shift. Officer Presnell has been one of the top producers in every Florida Law Enforcement Traffic Safety Challenge Campaign in 2014. Officer Presnell has shown his dedication to the High Springs Police Department and has exemplified himself as a team player; this is witnessed by his strong ability and his willingness to assist the Agency. A prime example is when someone calls out sick or is running late for their shift, he is the first to volunteer to cover or stay past his tour of duty until relief arrives or the shift is covered.

Officer Presnell is always coming up with different ideas that pertain to the campaigns and how to increase Seatbelt and Child Restraint usage, and reduce the DUI/Impaired Driving violators, such as conducting more traffic enforcement campaigns, undercover alcohol enforcement details, and he would like to see additional Officers on the road. Officer Presnell was the top producer in DUI/Impaired Driving arrests and one of the top producers in Seatbelt and Child Restraint citations and Unlawful Speed citations in 2014.

Officer Presnell always has a positive attitude, is always willing to teach his partners a new concept, always wants to learn more so he can be as effective and proficient as possible so the City of High Springs is a better place to live, work and visit. Officer Presnell has gone above and beyond his normal course of duty for the High Springs Police Department, which has made a significant impact in this Community.

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