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Officer Kyle Peterson

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Though Officer Kyle Peterson has been with the University of Florida Police Department (UFPD) for a relatively short period of time, and is still at the beginning to his career, he has already made a lasting impact. He is often described by his supervisors as an exemplary officer in terms of initiative, productivity and professionalism.

In his just over 15 months with the UFPD, he has made over 20 arrests for DUI and is known for his proactive enforcement efforts. In his day-to-day performance he is very thorough/detail oriented when conducting his investigations and completing the arrests that may result from those investigations. His direct supervisor described him as having an excellent knowledge of state statutes beyond what an officer with comparable time on the force might have. He is always helpful and very approachable with a focus on providing service to our community, a paramount consideration while working within a campus environment.

His calm demeanor often deescalates a situation before it becomes one of an even more serious nature and serves to reassure those in need. He consistently demonstrates his desire to promote and achieve community success while focusing on safety each day. His efforts are a great reflection upon himself, the University of Florida Police Department, and the University of Florida.

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