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Paramedic Cody Basham

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Paramedic Cody Basham has taken the initiative to make Levy County Department of Public Safety (LCDPS) the best Emergency Medical Service in the area. He has conducted research in identifying new medications and new equipment to help reduce the mortality rate in the field and proposed these changes and enhancements to the Department Medical Directors. Cody started his career early; he took the opportunity to enroll in the dual-enrollment program at Chiefland High School and has continued to expand his knowledge, skills, and abilities since; he has completed the University of Florida “Critical Care Paramedic Program” and is currently enrolled in nursing school. He continues to promote public safety and represents our core values well: Professionalism, Integrity, Stewardship, and Service.

Recently, Cody and his partner were faced with a call that would have challenged the most senior paramedic. Cody led the team of first responders during delivery of a breech, preterm infant. The neonate was delivered at just 25 weeks gestation and was in cardiac arrest. Cody quickly took control of the situation and successfully resuscitated the preterm infant, saving its life.

Cody’s quick actions and confidence in his knowledge and skills were reflected throughout this call and helped to save the infant’s life. His representation of confidence in his knowledge, skills, and abilities were paramount in leading the team to a successful outcome.

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