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Paramedic Matthew Kaizer

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Paramedic Matthew Kaizer was part of entire group effort from Marion County Fire Rescue that saved the life of a 49 year old man this past September. Early afternoon on September 13th, crew members on Rescue 55 and Engine 31 quite literally brought a man back to life – and they did it more than once. The incident involved a 49 year old husband and father that went into sudden cardiac arrest in front of his family after returning from a short bike ride.  Matthew arrived shortly after the family called 911, and he immediately recognized the seriousness of the situation. The patient was in cardiac arrest.  In an effort to revive him, they brought him back five times, only for him to fade again. The sixth time worked, and they were actually able to meet this gentleman back in December. Matthew used his skills, training and instincts to literally bring this man back to life.  He shocked him, gave CPR, and administered drugs for several hectic moments.  This individual recovered and was reunited with his family in just a couple of days. Matthew was the lead paramedic that initiated these lifesaving procedures.  It was also through his leadership that this call had a successful outcome.

In addition to this particular incident, Matthew is a good employee and mentor.  He constantly trains herself and others while serving the public.  Matthew has been a true lifesaver on several occasions during the past year.

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