Volunteer Firefighter Mathew Pudlo

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Volunteer Firefighter Mathew Pudlo

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The Valor honoree representing the Department of Dunnellon Fire Rescue is Mathew Pudlo, as recommended by Lt. Troy Slattery, the 2014 Valor honoree.

In June 2014, Volunteer Firefighter for the Dunnellon Fire Rescue Department Matt Pudlo responded to a call to assist a woman possibly having a stroke while kayaking in the river. FF Pudlo was the closest unit and responded to the area. As he arrived on scene by-standers flagged him down and advised that the patient was unresponsive in the water. FF Pudlo then entered the water and found the patient unresponsive with family/friend holding her head up. FF Pudlo then brought the patient to the river bank where others assisted with removing the patient from the water, and other members of the Dunnellon Fire Rescue team arrived to assist with the medical intervention.

While the outcome of the person is not available out at this time, FF Pudlo’s devotion to the department to help when needed makes him an outstanding member of our Department. His 20 plus years with us certainly has made him a leader. The Dunnellon Fire Rescue team is very proud of him.

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